Coronavirus Patient Information

Please read the following document with information to help you manage your health and keep safe during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

This document has been prepared by the doctors at the surgery in order to help you manage your health and keep safe during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. We want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to continue to run a safe and efficient service. There are some simple things that you can do which will help make sure everyone can get the support they need at the time they need it.

Please keep up to date with the latest guidance, available at:

Due to the unprecedented national emergency, and with full agreement of the local NHS, we have made the decision to close the Dunsfold branch surgery with immediate effect. This is necessary to maintain the safety of patients and staff. We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and will re-open Dunsfold branch as soon as possible. We continue to offer a full dispensing service for our Dunsfold residents – collection of medicines will be from Chiddingfold surgery until further notice.

All Patients

Help us keep the surgery open by following these steps:

  • Do not enter the practice if you or a household contact has a new cough or fever, without speaking to us first.
  • If you are asked to come down for an appointment please listen carefully to the instructions. You may be asked to use a different entrance or your appointment may be provided at a different surgery.
  • If you have not done so already, please register for online access to your record – this will allow you to order medicines , check test results and communicate with the surgery.
  • If you are a non-dispensing patient, and have not already done so, please register with your pharmacy for electronic prescribing.
  • Look out for family, friends and neighbours, particularly if they are elderly.
  • Follow this guide to get the medical care that you need…

I (or my child) have a new cough or a fever but I think I can look after myself

  • Don’t attend the practice and don’t call 111
  • Self-isolate entire household for 14 days
  • Follow advice and guidance at NHS: Coronavirus
  • If you become more unwell and are concerned you can check your symptoms at 111 online

I (or my child) have a new cough or a fever and I’m unwell and need medical advice but it is not an emergency

  • Don’t attend the practice without speaking to us first
  • Head to 111 online for an assessment of your symptoms and advice about what to do
  • If you need to speak to a GP call us on 01428 683174 or contact us via Reception and Enquiries
  • Our reception staff will arrange for a doctor to call you back – you will be assessed either over the telephone or as a video call to your smartphone. You may wish to download the free app; ‘Wherebyvideo meetings’ in preparation
  • If you need to be seen face to face then the doctor will arrange this and give you instructions about where and when to go

I (or my child) have a new cough or fever and have a medical emergency and need to call an ambulance

  • You or your carer should call 999
  • Tell them that you are self-isolating with new cough/fever and require assistance

I would like information about my personal risk level and isolation requirements

  • The patients deemed to be at increased risk are those over 70 and those under 70 with an underlying health condition (for ease of identification these people are invited each year for an NHS flu jab)
  • Consider using online access to view your medical record problem list if you are uncertain as to your personal medical history
  • Please use the resources listed above for information around self-isolation
  • The NHS have identified a subset of individuals at even higher risk – these patients are being written to individually and should have received contact by Sunday 29th March 2020 with specific instructions

I am concerned about getting medicines at the moment

  • Please be assured we continue to provide a full dispensing service
  • If you are a non-dispensing patient please talk to your pharmacist about electronic prescribing
  • If you are self-isolating and unable to collect your medication in person please ask a family member or friend (who currently does not have symptoms of the virus) to collect medication for you
  • If this is not possible please contact the Good Neighbour Scheme – there are volunteers who can deliver your medication with your permission
    Dunsfold contact: Celeste Lawrence – 01483 200381
    Chiddingfold contact: Helen Gorrod – 07921 457856
    Plaistow contact: Katherine Nutting – 01403 820737
    These schemes should only be used if you have no other alternative
  • Please do not order increased supplies of tablets or medications that are not usually prescribed to you (for example paracetamol or salbutamol/ventolin). The government have advised that there are plenty of routine medications in stockpile, but irregular ordering could cause supply problems. All repeat scripts are currently for 28 days in line with national guidance

I have heard that I (my child) should not take ibuprofen/nurofen…is this correct?

  • If you are unwell with new cough/fever and suspect you may have coronavirus, there is some emerging evidence that ibuprofen may affect your body’s ability to fight the infection. This has not yet been proven but the government have suggested in the meantime that paracetamol should be used first-line.
  • As yet there is insufficient evidence and no formal guidance regarding the safety or otherwise, of other anti-inflammatory drugs (eg; diclofenac, naproxen, aspirin etc). Importantly there is no evidence of harm from these drugs and in some situations abruptly stopping them may carry significant risk, for instance, stopping aspirin taken due to heart disease could be dangerous.

I am concerned about the implications of coronavirus for my job and would like a sick note or advice regarding my working conditions

  • You do not require a sick-note to cover the 14-day self isolation period. Evidence for your employer is available through 111 online
  • We are not able to provide advice in relation to individual employment – you need to follow the advice on GOV.UK: Coronavirus

I have had to cancel a holiday and would like a letter for my insurance company

Please speak directly to your insurance company – they have been advised to base their decisions on guidance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Public Health England. We are not able to help with this matter.