Clinics and Services

We offer a range of clinics and services including the below. For more information, please visit our Health Review and Assessment Clinic Room.




Monitoring your health when you have diabetes is crucial to preventing some of the complications associated with diabetes.

We recommend a review of your diabetes at least once a year. This is generally done by our diabetes practice nurse. You will be sent a letter with an appointment for an annual diabetes check once a year. You will also be called in for any interim checks that the doctor or nurse feels necessary.

Further useful information can be found on the Diabetes UK website:

Annual Review

Prior to your annual review appointment with the nurse you will need to come in for a fasting blood test and will ask you to bring in a urine sample.

Your annual check will involve knowing your blood glucose, HbA1c, kidney function, blood fat levels and blood pressure. If you have been advised by the surgery to submit your blood pressure readings on a regular basis please complete our online blood pressure review form. In addition the nurse will check the condition of your feet and make sure that you have had your eyes screened for retinopathy.

Patient Education

We run small group educational sessions for patients with diabetes and their families.

The sessions are a great opportunity to learn more about diabetes, and help you manage your condition and stay healthy. The sessions are also an opportunity to ask questions and learn from the knowledge and experiences of other people with diabetes.

If you are interested in learning more please contact Lyn McLoughlin, our diabetes co-ordinator.

Asthma & COPD


If you have been advised by the surgery to submit an annual review of your asthma symptoms please complete our online asthma review form.

Asthma may be diagnosed on symptoms alone but sometimes you need to be assessed by a spirometry test or a peak flow test. Treatment is usually with inhalers.


If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a COPD assessment please complete our online COPD assessment form.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema occurring alone or in combination. COPD is usually caused by smoking. Symptoms include cough, breathlessness and frequent chest infections. COPD is very common but under diagnosed. It usually develops after the age of 40 and increases with age.

Inhalers are often used to ease symptoms but the most important treatment is to stop smoking. If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a smoking review on a regular basis please complete our online smoking review form.


Spirometry is the most common test of lung function and shows how well you are able to breathe in and out. It is a test that can help in the diagnosis of a variety of lung conditions, especially COPD. It is also used to monitor the severity of lung conditions and response to treatment.

Baby Clinic

Baby clinics are held at local surgeries in our area. This allows mothers an opportunity to see a health visitor to get advice and support about a range of things. It also provides an opportunity to get your child weighed and checked.

To book an appointment in one of the local baby clinics please telephone 01883 340922 or alternatively health visitors hold a drop in clinic at:

Haslemere Health Centre
1st & 3rd Friday of the month
From 09:00-11:00
Health visitors can be contacted on 01483 782376

Childhood Immunisation Clinic

Childhood immunisations are given by appointment from our practice nurse.

Ms Lyn McLoughlin is our immunisation coordinator and can help you with any queries you may have regarding appointments, what immunisations your child has had, what immunisations are due and when.

If you want any information about childhood immunisations please contact the health visitor by calling them on 01483 782376 or drop in at one of our baby clinics.


Blood Tests

Blood tests can be arranged by making an appointment with our health care assistants.

Many blood test results are back within 2-3 days.

If you wish to find out your results please complete our online test results form or call the practice on 01428 683174 after 12:00.


Dr Watts holds a cryotherapy clinic once a month.

You need to be seen by a doctor first who will decide if the lesion is suitable for cryotherapy. If it is then you will be advised to book an appointment at the next cryotherapy clinic.

Cryotherapy can be used to treat a variety of lesions, such as:

  • Warts
  • Veruccas
  • Skin tags
  • Seborrhoeic keratoses

Minor Surgery Clinics

A wide variety of procedures are performed by Dr Watts with an appointment, such as:

  • Aspirations of cysts and joint swellings
  • Injections into a variety of joints and bursae
  • Injections for tendonitis problems
  • Injections for carpal tunnel syndrome

Dr Miles Scholar at Witley and Milford Surgery performs all the minor surgery excision for the practice. You must first see a GP at Chiddingfold and Dunsfold to access this.

Influenza Vaccines

We have an annual vaccination programme each autumn. You are recommended to have a vaccination if you are over 65 years of age or:

  • Have heart or chest trouble
  • Are diabetic
  • Have kidney disease
  • Have low immunity
  • Have a chronic disease

Well Woman Appointments

Our practice nurses undertake routine smears.




The RSCH physiotherapy department provide an outreach service at Chiddingfold Surgery all day Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


Adults – NHS

You are able to refer to “mind matters” who provide a wide range of NHS psychological therapies in the community with one to one counseling services being available at Chiddingfold Surgery.

The service is available to anyone aged 18 years and above experiencing common mental health conditions, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Phobias
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

If you feel you might benefit from a referral please make an appointment by visiting our Consulting Room to see any of the doctors at the surgery.

Youth Counselling

The youth counselling service offers free, confidential, short term, one to one counselling to young people between the ages of 12-24 years.

Young people can contact the service directly by calling 0845 600 2516.

Warfarin Monitoring

Many of our patients are on long term warfarin medication for anticoagulation. This medication stops the blood clotting within the blood vessels and is important in certain heart conditions.

Patients on warfarin are able to come to Chiddingfold Surgery where the phlebotomist or nurse performs a simple blood test, via a finger prick. and analyses the blood on-site enabling an immediate INR result to be obtained.

Contraception Services

There are currently 13 methods of contraception available in the UK and it is worth taking some time to decide which suits you the best. All the doctors at the practice are able to help you decide which method is right for you.

Emergency Contraception

If you are in need of emergency contraception please call the surgery on 01428 683174 and ask for an urgent appointment (if asked please let the receptionist know you need emergency contraception).

LARC – Long-acting reversible contraception

These are methods that do not depend on you remembering to take or use them.

Methods include:

  • Contraceptive Implant
  • Contraceptive Injection
  • The IUD – coil
  • The IUS – Mirena coil

Dr Shorter is trained to insert and remove implants and IUD’s (coils).

Other Contraception Methods

Hormonal Methods

These methods contain oestrogen and progesterone or progesterone alone:

  • The combined pill
  • The progesterone only pill – “mini pill”
  • The contraceptive patch
  • The contraceptive ring

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a contraceptive pill review please complete our online contraceptive pill review.

Barrier Methods

  • Male and female condoms – available free from your local family planning clinic or available for purchase
  • Diaphragms and caps

Permanent Methods

Male and female sterilisation are permanent methods of contraception suited for individuals who are certain they do not want any/any more children.

Maternity Care

Ante-natal Care

Your antenatal care will generally be given by midwives employed by Royal Surrey Hospital and will be shared between the midwife and your usual GP.

For all pregnancy related issues there is a 24 hour midwife-led helpline the you can access by calling 0300 1235473.

Post Natal Care

After delivery you will be sent an appointment to attend for a post-natal check with your usual doctor. This check is done when your baby is between 6 and 8 weeks of age. This appointment is an opportunity to check your health and well being after delivery and to discuss contraceptive options. The health and well being of your baby will also be checked to make sure that he/she is developing normally, this is a 30 minute appointment for you and your baby.